A Real ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Arm-Blade Is Terrifying, Can Poke Out More Than Just Your Eye.

Published on January th, 2012

The dudes over at Kotaku just posted a crazy video of a DIY Assassin’s Creed style, retractable arm-blade. As ridiculous as this rig is, I’m actually a bit surprised we haven’t seen anything like this before. Not only does the blade shoot out, but the handyman in the video has equipped the blade with an automatic lock, allowing for fully realistic stabbing action. So uh, hit the play button and get your kill on while I go use the restroom, because I just peed a little.

Source: Kotaku, Angelegend Youtube

  • Ashtonthebrave1

    woah!!! so cool:()

  • Ashtonthebrave1