[Review] Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Published on January th, 2012

Infinity Ward has released the 3rd modern warfare game in the series. This is the 8th Call of Duty in the very successful series and after the previous Call of Duty Black Ops flopped critically, the series needed to produce a solid game to validate why it is considered one of the best shooters to purchase. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 provides a 17 mission campaign where you use an assortment of characters including Soap MacTavish, Captain Price, and new characters that the game introduces to the player.  The campaign takes place right after the end of  Modern Warfare 2 with the death Lt. General Shepherd and the war between America and the invading Russian forces. Makarov is still at large and is the man targeted by the Americans to be killed. This was the best Call of Duty campaign the series has ever offered to its players. It has a riveting plot with numerous twists and turns that make the player keep guessing how everything will end up. Missions range all across the world, including: downtown Manhattan, Africa, and later, towards Western Europe.

The next feature in the game is the special ops missions which can be played solo or cooperative with a friend. The Spec. Ops is the same exact feature from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but it contains newer maps and objectives for the player to complete. The highly anticipated portion of the Spec. Ops however, is the new Survival mode where the player fights off waves of terrorists. This mode is Infinity Ward’s version of Nazi Zombies that makes Treyarch’s Call of Duty games much more successful. Survival mode can only be played by a single player or with one teammate. All the maps that are available for online play are playable Survival mode, but some of them have to be unlocked first before being played.Like the online play, you level up as you acquire points from killing terrorists, but it only takes a player so high up before everything is unlocked and there is nothing left to accomplish. Nazi Zombies is still superior to Survival mode because it only allows two players to be on cooperatively and has a much longer playing value.

The online multiplayer is the sole reason of the popularity of the Call of Duty brand and needed to be an upgrade from the previous modern warfare 2 game. The game provides the player with new maps, new perks, a wider weapon selection, and a different kill streak format.  There are 3 different types kill streak the player can operate with. The first is the Strike Package which is the kill streak the previous call of Duty games have used and players are familiar with. The second is the Support Package which are supportive kill streaks that are designed to help the team. The last kill streak option is the Specialist Package which unlocks the perks throughout the game as the player accumulates kills and secures objectives. When the streak gets to 8 (7 if hardline is on) all pro perks are unlocked until the player is killed.

The online play has the issues that the other Call of Duty games contained such as over-powered perks that hide players from UAVs (Assassin), primary weapons that are ridiculously good (Type 95 and MP7), and the spawning mechanisms in the game are broken. Countless times, players on the opposing team randomly spawn behind the other teams locations and get easy kills. The one issue that the game resolved was the excessive grenade launching or Noob Tubing that went on in MW2, but it seems that all explosives have had damage decreases. The number of times a Frag, Semtex, SMAW, or RPG will just get a hit marker drives some players insane and would improve the game play if modified correctly. Overall, this is still a highly addictive game that almost of video game players will play for hours on end. Call of Duty has some of the highest expectations for games every year so it is graded on a much higher level than most other games.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5