Is Assassin’s Creed 3’s Lead a Revolutionary Warrior?

Published on March st, 2012

The dudes at Kotaku just received this picture from a Best Buy employee who knows when he’s come across something cool. What we’ve got here is an Assassin sporting some pretty stylish revolutionary garb, as well as a tomahawk and arrows. The detail is pretty outrageous in this picture, and considering the game’s reveal on March 5th quickly approaching, I’m willing to bet that what we’re seeing here is the real deal. I’m glad to see Ubisoft going this far into the future, because I had begun to grow a little tired with the series’ past couple entries lingering on Ezio (as awesome as he is). What do you think of this (possibly, partially Native American) Assassin? Cool or lame? Keep in mind that if you say ‘lame’, I’ll stab you in the throat.

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Source: Kotaku

Via: The 72 Pins