Facebook Will Lunch Own-Branded Smartphone In 2013

Published on May th, 2012

According to the New York Times, Facebook has already hired former Apple engineers to begin work on an upcoming Facebook phone. Some of them worked for Apple throughout production of the iPhone and the iPad. Mr. Zuckerberg has been considering a Facebook phone for a while now, because the social network is nothing more than an app on “someone else’s” hardware. Facebook had originally teamed up with HTC in 2010; however, the devices produced ended up as HTC phones with a Facebook ‘share’ button on the front. Facebook’s first official smartphone will allegedly hit the market in 2013.


By Kasjan Kandula

  • I’m very interested how it will looks like 🙂

  • Maybe the person who was writing this got so excited they misspelled launch as lunch… curious to see how this will turn out.