[First Trailer] ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ Looks Like a Call of Duty Game. Kinda.

Published on May nd, 2012

Earlier today Treyarch released the debut trailer for their sequel to the wildly popular Black Ops series of Call of Duty games. The presentation is of the same high-quality, blockbuster style that you’ve come to expect from the best selling videogame franchise of all time (that may not be true, but it sounds like it could be). Black Ops II looks just like every other Call of Duty game, with the exception of one little detail. It takes place in the future; A future populated with jet-copters, some sort of mechs, space rockets and a whole lot bunch of other sci-fi stuff. I’m actually surprised to see such an emphasis on vehicular combat in this one, usually not a huge part of the Call of Duty multiplayer mode. It would seem that Treyarch has decided to take a few notes from the Battlefield playbook (not a bad thing). Anyway, if top-tier, sci-fi shooters are your thing, then you’ll definitely wanna keep an eye on this one. But let’s be honest, you were going to anyway.

Source: IGN