Metro Last Light Trailer is Depressing, Beautiful

Published on May th, 2012

There are very few games out there that can illicit an emotional response, let alone a trailer for one. The last time I remember feeling ANYTHING from a videogame trailer was probably Halo 3’s diorama trailer, or Dead Island’s backwards trailer. But Metro Last Light takes it to a whole other level. What we’ve got here is a live-action short film about a russian city under siege and its citizen’s fight for survival. It’s heavy, heart-wrenching and doesn’t bother showing any gameplay at all. It captures a mood, a mood that I’m sure/hoping will be the game’s goal to achieve. Pick up some tissues and prepare to be sad. What do you think? Is it manipulative to not show any of the gameplay in the service of creating an emotionally charged/intriguing piece of advertising? Is it┬ánecessarily a bad thing? Leave your thoughts and/or reactions in the comments. Metro Last Light arrives next year.

Source: Kotaku

  • DMTunity

    metro 2033 was short but had an amazing atmoshpere! looking forward to this