Hey Nintendo, This is The 3DS XL I Wanted!

Published on June th, 2012

This right here. This is what I wanted Nintendo. There’s plenty of room for a second circle pad, so that’s not an excuse. Every modern console is equipped with dual analog sticks. I don’t think we should give Nintendo a pass anymore. If they want to compete with the big boys, Nintendo needs to implement the standard set of controls that every current console comes equipped with today (Wii U, not the Wii of course). Does the touch-screen double as a second axis of motion? Sure, but I think anyone who’s played Kid Icarus: Uprising, can agree that the touch-screen is not the ideal way to control the second axis, at least not unless you’re into extreme hand-calisthenics. So, it’s safe to say dual analog sticks are the superior method for two-axis control. I have a hard time believing there wouldn’t be any games designed to take advantage of the second stick if it had been implemented. In fact, I think third-party developers would be even more motivated to develop for the stereoscopic handheld.

Would the owners of the original 3DS feel burned? Perhaps, but isn’t that why Nintendo created the Circle Pad Pro? The Circle Pad Pro’s mere existence proves that Nintendo is not only aware of, but has openly acknowledged the 3DS’s missing feature. Even the Wii U comes with dual joysticks, and considering Nintendo has already mentioned future plans to integrate the 3DS as an alternative controller of sorts, wouldn’t it make sense to create a 3DS with the same control scheme as its tablet-esque home-console counterpart? I can’t think of one legitimate reason for this not to exist. Not everybody wanted a second circle pad, but I can’t imagine anyone objecting to having it. Will I still upgrade to the 3DS XL? Probably, but I would’ve preferred to have a second circle pad. What do you think? Do you care that Nintendo refuses to make a handheld with dual analog sliders? Or do you think I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill (that’s still a common saying, right?)

  • Yonic

    The worst of all, the New Nintendo 3DS has a tiny, misplaced, second circle pad. It’s just way too stupid.