Say Hello to the Nintendo 3DS XL

Published on June nd, 2012

Well it looks like almost a year and a half after its release, Nintendo has unveiled the 3DS’s new big brother, the 3DS XL via the Nintendo Direct online conference. The new 3DS features a huge 4.88 inch top screen as well as a significantly larger, 4.18 inch bottom screen. Not too shabby Nintendo! The device itself looks more like the current DS XL, which is great, because it’s a much nicer looking console than the current 3DS’s multi-layered construction. The new stereoscopic clamshell will come in three different colors: Silver/Black, White, and Red/Black. I’m a little surprised Nintendo chose to hold off on announcing the new handheld at E3, and instead opted to unveil it via a live stream that only a few thousand people were watching. Curious, no? I’m dying to get my hands on the (unquestionably) more thoughtfully designed 3DS XL, which is good because it’ll hit store shelves soon. How soon, you ask? Like August 19th soon. Get your pre-orders ready. The 3DS XL will retail for $199 USD. What do you think? Is this a 3DS model that would motivate you to pick one up or upgrade to?

Source: Joystiq/Nintendo