Google Announces Fiber, TV and Internet

Published on July th, 2012

Google Fiber is quite the exciting announcement for everyone. While offering a 0$/month average speed internet, up to 1GB/second internet for ~70$/month, Fiber’s success could change how we interact with the web. Here’s a quick rundown on what we’ve gathered about Google Fiber so far:

The greatest perk of Google Fiber is the internet speed, while maintaining a certain affordability. Fiber is boasting download speeds up to 100x faster than today’s average broadband speeds, which means it will be capable of blazing through buffers and crystal clear service. Video chatting with friends, gaming online, downloading, and uploading goodies will progress at rates that will be hard to beat.

Fiber is meant for everyone. From what’s presented on Google page,¬†Fiber seems like an attempt to get everyone on board for better, faster service. Fiber isn’t being marketed as the Cadillac of internet services, at least in a fiscal sense. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. Fiber is being presented as a step in the right direction for all internet users, rather than painting itself as an overpriced premium package; a necessity rather than a luxury.

Google Fiber isn’t just about the Internet, it’s about TV, too. With the inclusion of a television service, Google Fiber is now playing on the same field as services such as AT&T U-Verse, but with an even faster internet service. With Netflix, YouTube, and other typically a-la-carte options already in one place, Fiber seeks to unify its customer’s favorites and pack it all into one sweet deal.

Fiber will give consumers the ability to record 8 different shows at once on a variety of networks, and 2 terabytes of storage for the programs recorded, much more space than its soon-to-be-competitors.

Of course, the TV box will come HD ready with a long list of channels Google has to offer. While a few remain inconspicuous, we have high hopes that more channels will arrive in time. To flip through those channels, ordering the Fiber service gets you a free Nexus 7 that can act as a remote control or as a personal TV to watch in the screenless areas of your home.


For more updates on Google’s exciting new service, check back for edits and updates, or click the link above to go to Google Fiber’s new page.