[Review] ‘Slender’ Is the Scariest Game I’ve Ever Played, And It’s Free

Published on July th, 2012

There’s a lot that’s great about the internet, but one of my favorite things that’s spawned from its existence is its ability to bring likeminded people together and as a result, birth entire communities. A few years ago, one of these communities (the SomethingAwful forum) decided to host a ‘creepy picture’ photoshop contest and one of the entires was a creation called the Slender Man.

The Slender Man was just supposed to be a picture made for a photoshop contest, but readers of the forum ran with it, and soon the Slender Man evolved into a wholly realized and totally freaky mythos known throughout the internet. But it was a small group of early 20 somethings that took the Slender Man story to the next level. They created dozens of videos (more like short films) on youtube featuring a found-footage style story about a young filmmaker’s bout with insanity, brought on by the Slender Man. See, in the Slender Man mythos, it’s common practice for this faceless being to stalk one person until they’re eventually consumed or killed by the Slender Man, who will then move on to another victim. He appears from a distance to be simply a tall man in a suit, but when you get closer he is in fact, a monster. The Slender Man is roughly 10 to 12 feet tall and has tentacle like arms and when viewed up close, appears to have no face at all. I told you it was creepy. This internet birthed phenomenon has been creeping people out all over the web for the past four years or so now, and it’s still going strong.

Enter Parsec Productions, a small team of basically one guy, who created what was supposed to be a one-off game to get some practice with Unity’s gaming engine. After just a week or so, the game has already gone viral. The game is called Slender and it is without a doubt, the scariest game I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Just finishing the brief game’s only task (find all 8 notes) is a marathon of mental perseverance. I wanted to give up on more than one occasion because I was so creeped out. The game is incredibly simple and I think that’s part of its genius. You walk through the woods, abandoned buildings and stranded farm equipment in search of eight notes left behind by somebody. Each note reveals a little bit more about the Slender Man and each note picked up results in an increase in intensity. In terms of audio there’s a sound of your character’s heartbeat, her footsteps, wind blowing through the trees and that’s about it. You’re given a flashlight, no way of defending yourself, and the ability to sprint. The game is set in a first person perspective, making it all the more horrific. Slender does what most horror movies almost never get right: pacing, tension and atmosphere. Slender has all three in spades. I can honestly say that no game has ever unnerved me the way Slender has. Note even a Silent Hill or Resident Evil game has achieved this level of horror. If you’re craving a good scare, or are just looking for a really cool/creative indie game. Then you can’t go wrong with Slender. It’s available for both Mac and PC, and guess what? It’s completely free. You can download the game here for PC, and here for MAC.

You can also consider this post to be a mini-review of Slender. I obviously don’t wanna spoil all of the greatness packed into such a tiny package, so I’ll leave you only with this advice. After downloading the game, read the readme txt file, and once you start playing, don’t stop until you beat it. It deserves to be played in one tense sitting. If this is technically a review, then I suppose I should give it a score. Based on the super-creepiness of the game, its ability to create massive amounts of spooky atmosphere and insane tension, I think that this score is more than well deserved.

Rating Overall: 5 out of 5

  • Marcin388

    I see you like scary games,

    I recommend you completely free game SCP: Containment Breach.
    And even more scary games but not free this time: Penumbra series and Amnesia game

  • Stover

    You put it very well. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Scare the crap out of you.

  • Jen Frias

    but…it wasn’t scary at all. :'( i played it in the dark with surround-sound, too.

    • lexor

      I despise you people with a burning passion

      • Gimme20Dollars

        Seconded. I don’t know if these people haven’t actually played Slender properly and are just trying to sound like tough guys by telling everyone a videogame isn’t scary, or if they simply have no imagination. Either way they are very, very annoying, especially the obnoxious ones who call people “pussies” because they can admit to being scared by the game.

        • yourteacher

          hey. don’t hate.

          • andrrw

            maybe im doing it wrong but i didnt find it scary, i found it quite annoying so far as i cant find the pages, i havent played for long though, is the scary bit being caught or am i missing something, im mad to find out all about this game but feel ive downloaded the wrong one, is it the one that starts in the woods?

  • Is it just me or is this game over hyped. I agree that it is a very tense game, but the when you get caught, its not scary. You can see it coming from a mile away. Its probably just because I’ve seen people play it a bunch of times. Either that or its just I should play it in the dark. I’ll play it in the dark now and see if I’m scared. Wish me luck 🙂

    • Michael Flynn

      To me when you get caught its not that scary, the scary part for me was when you went around to look for a note and he’s standing there staring at you 100 feet away. The first time I saw him he spawned 5 feet from me but didn’t move. I didn’t know what was happening though so I turned around, saw him, and almost peed my pants.

  • komang from bali

    landslide of paper anywhere in the search?

  • wyndolan

    i freaked out when i got catched

  • SkyDancer

    It is scary but there is no way you can say it’s the scariest game you’ve ever played. That title goes to the old school Silent Hill games, without a doubt.

    • aicss

      How are you going to tell him what the scariest game he ever played was? I agree with him. This is way scarier then the silent hill games (and yes I have played 1-3). I also think amnesia is way scarier then silent hill.

  • Dare

    The scary part is the sounds!!!!!! The music is SO CREEPY!!!!! I mean when your caught its not that scary it’s just the fact that he is stalking you…. you can hear the footsteps like 10 minutes before he even catches you! I loved the music and sounds!

  • this game sucks . my brother has collected 80 pages (10 times) without making a single sound. and, he is only 5 years old

    • slender band

      that is a total lie faggot!

  • tried it

  • James Hartwood

    This is what happened when I played it; I got the first note. I ran around for a bit. I saw Slender for the first time. I lost the will to live, and turned my flashlight off, hoping for a quick death.

  • slaender band

    i mite get the game i played it at my friends house does it make your computer lag i have a mac?

    • yourmama

      mine lags i have an eeepc with windowsxp

  • slenderholickfreak

    my brother playd it and he wasn’t scared at all he shaw the youtube video Tips:to make the game slender not scary. so he was fine

  • jesse

    haha this game is the scariest game iv played a lot but the intensity when you get a page the heart beat going the music , when you slowly walk around corners hopin hes not there is awesome , people who say my brother wasn’t scared ect ect is bullshit why even mention your younger siblings mention yourself and stop lying trying to sound tuff haha

  • scardy cat

    well i suppose i shouldn’t have even tried to play this game, but i couldn’t resist, and i have to say that it was the scariest i have ever been in a game O.o for me the scariest part was that feeling that any second the slender man will just show up from nowhere, but u would never know exactly when that would happen..

  • Alex

    I just started playing the game a few days ago and I’m really freaked out. It’s a really awesome game and gives you that fast pitching heartbeat and sweaty palms. When Slender came out of no where, I got scared and turned around but he was right there in my face and I died. It’s great to play in the dark but it’s hard sleeping at night.

  • I do not consider this game the least bit scary. The way I played it, I was at a friends house, and there was a party going on upstairs, so I decided to go try this game for the first time. I walked around without my flashlight on- my friend said it makes you harder to detect- and got to note 5. I ended up getting killed immediately I was in the part where there’s that long tunnel with the note in the middle of it. This game is quite scary, but it does become weary after a while- you can’t win, there’s no real “object” to the game… the best part is when it’s set during the day and with $20 sound on instead of the static, at least for me. I will say, however, that SCP is much more frightening, especially since that has so much more potential. I actually found a secret room with my earlier mentioned friend using an Omni Card (you have to take any normal card of any level and bring it to the machine that can make something Ultra Fine) that put us in a room with plans for how to deal with an SCP outbreak. Part 1- use 8 nukes to blow up surrounding area and above ground base, leaving below ground base intact. Part 2- if necessary, use enormous nuke to blow up underground base and much of the surrounding area, killing everyone. There’s also more things going after you… we’ve affectionately named some of them, like “Stoner” (first one you encounter) and “Gramps” (he’s a black shadow, sometimes he will kills you, sometimes he will scare you). I’m not saying Slender is a bad game or anything- although my saying it won’t make a difference probably… most of the people who read this are going to insult with, instead of actually arguments, the option of calling me a faggot… I’m just saying I think SCP is better (keep in mind they’re both free…).

  • lh

    i am slender

    • Phuemaltopia


  • nighimary

    it is so darn creepy. I don’t understand y u have to find 8 pages, they only say stuff about splenderman. i have to give it a 8/10, first mark off is cause SPLENDERMAN’S ARMS ARE LIKE MONKEY ARMS, and when i went to the area with the empty bathrooms, i saw the page first so i continued walking, then i moved the flashlight on the floor in front of the page, AND SPLENDERMAN WAS THERE!!!!!! so of course i died

  • slender stoper

    im toatly terrifyed of im so scared of him after i made the stupid mistake of watching that stupid documentary i think the creator of slender should be sued

  • Phuemaltopia

    slender Is without doubt the scariest game when I first played it I only got one page then started S#*TING my pants when the drums started and I just closed the lap top and ran to the other side of my house. What a wuss I am

  • TehScottscy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43kjFT7B2s0 Please check this out 😀

  • Seefizzle

    Definitely scary game, but scariest game ever? Probably not. What I do hope is that this game inspires the “scary” games to be even more scary. I kept thinking, this game should be mixed with left 4 dead. Could you imagine left 4 dead with slender man’s atmosphere? Maybe I’m just jonesing for a sequel but whatever.

  • Sydcrem

    This was sooooo boring, i was playing it for ten minutes, no notes, no slender guy, no nothing

  • omt8

    I have not even played the game and I feel totally scared and don’t want to play this game after reading the review.But annoying orange spoils the intensity by making a joke of slenderman on youtube.

  • Someone play this and just throw computer,laptop,chair,break window,destroy stuff,smash table,etc…
    But seem like it a super scary game,i gave it 10/10 about scary,9/10 about intensity,…(All remaining 10,please suggest and give this a thumbs up 🙂 )
    Plus,first time playing,i sh*t my pant and i just wanna throw computer off the room and finally i have to play it again,and Slender like a rubber band man,brrrr,scary.

  • For the record,Slender is a awesome Scary Indie game,there also game call Slender:The Arrival,Slender Wood,Slender:Sanatorium,Slender:Hospice,etc…
    And i dare you to do this,get the computer with a fill complete perfect auto sound,get a 3D glass up,open full volume,turn off all lights,play in darkness,of you beaet it you’re a champ 🙂 leave a thumbs up.

  • And i pretty sure you will scream like a girl and neighbour just go by and throw a brick in ya room XD

  • sally

    i have played this game before it scares the crap out of you but whats really funny is that all you have to do is collect 8 pages and you win the game.

    • Pacmanguy0

      No you have a gun then click slender to KILL him

  • creepy sound

    i think wat make the game more freaky is the music in the background i find i can last longer if i can’t hear the music

  • yolo

    pretty scary but the scariest game ive played is amnesia the dark decent

  • andrew

    I can only find 2 notes, the slender man is the hazy fog in one spot, dont walk towards it and your fine, just dont get too bored looking for pages

  • Rosalie

    I got five pages, and by that time I was so tense it wasn’t even funny. I was looking for the cut log woods for the sixth page, but then I knew he’d be right on me when I got it, and that he could appear in front of me at any moment. So I just stopped, and within a second he turned me around and killed me.

  • saleh

    this game is fantastic!it,extremely scary.first i was thinking (its boring) but when i saw the my i was…really scared! and now when i start it there must someone with me

  • R0v3R25

    this game is truly the scariest game iv ever had the pleasure of playing. its not scary when your watching someone else play it its only scary when you play it because the game basically merges you with the player and believe that is a very unique feature that is rarely seen in games

  • Pacmanguy0

    If you collected 6 pages, DO NOT turn yourself, slender is right behind you…

    • bob

      It’s not just a game. If you are reading this post please save yourself, do not turn around!

  • Pacmanguy0


  • Pacmanguy0

    Errrr, this is SO funny you will forget about slender

  • asd