First Look: A Bloody Chloe Moretz and Creepy Julianne Moore in ‘Carrie’

Published on August rd, 2012

Earlier today Chloe Moretz went on Instagram and posted the first picture of herself as the titular teen, Carrie. In the photo we see her covered in what is presumably pigs blood for the new remake. Next to her, Julianne Moore looks stoic and serious as Carrie’s uber-religious and over-bearing mother. Pretty cool stuff, huh? Carrie is directed by¬†Kimberly Peirce and will hit theaters next summer. What do you think? Does it look like the film might shape up to be a decent remake after all? These pictures certainly look promising, but I’m going to reserve any kind of judgement until we see a trailer. Click the image below to see it full size:

Source: Instagram