First Look: Google Glass Explorer Edition

Published on May th, 2013


Google Glass has been in the tech spotlight since last years Google I/O conference, and has been getting attention (good and bad) almost every day since.  For those not in the know, Google’s new wearable computer was announced in concept in May of 2012, they even put out  a cool little video about what it could be someday. With the idea planted in people’s heads, there was a lot of excitement, and more than a little push back.

The idea behind having a smartphone attached to your face comes straight out of science fiction, but the simplicity of the device is what makes it believable.  On the device you have a microphone, a speaker, a camera, and a lens that has a picture projected on it.  The tools to make the Google Glass have been around for quite some time, but it’s taken some time for the technology to become small enough to feasibly wear.


In the past few months thousands of people (including developers and celebrities) were able to get their hands on the first edition of Google’s eye wear, dubbed the Explorer Edition. While there are problems, a lot of the users have been pleased with the experience.  The functionality is limited at this time, and will continue to expand as the software is improved by the developers, and new iterations to improve the hardware.

With Google’s I/O conference coming up next week, it is anticipated to hear some big news about these tech specs.




By: Mark H.