Preview: Oculus Rift

Published on May th, 2013

Oculus Rift

Back in 1995 Nintendo came out with a system called the Virtual Boy, which was a visor that you looked into and displayed a “Virtual Reality” game.  The overall performance of the device was not stellar, causing headaches for users, uncomfortable positioning for playing for any period of time, and the software was sparse.  The Virtual Boy was thankfully discontinued a year later, but it got some people thinking, maybe there was something to this Virtual reality thing.  Creator Palmer Luckey started Oculus with the goal to bring a  real virtual experience to consumers and it’s closer than we think.


The Rift is able to bring an immersive experience to users because of the thin LCD screens and low wireless latency. Right now the focus of the device is on PC games, but it is possible that the Rift could move over to console games as well.  The project has some big supporters and some ports of existing games have been ported over.  Developer versions are available now for $300, but the consumer edition should be less than that when it is released.


Source: Oculus Rift site

By: Mark H.