HTC One: Nexus Edition

Published on June nd, 2013


After weeks of rumors and speculation, the HTC One has finally emerged… as a Nexus phone. HTC has created one of the most highly praised devices of the year with the One, but until now it’s been running HTC’s custom Android skin: Sense. HTC’s Sense UI is either seen as an improvement over stock Android, or more commonly, a hinderance. But now, HTC is giving people a choice. The HTC One will be available with stock ¬†Android 4.2.2 starting June 26th in the Google Play Store. Not only is it a great option, but it’s also getting the Nexus treatment, which means all updates will come straight from Google as soon as they’re ready. Now, here’s the catch. The price is $599.99. So if you’ve got 600 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, then you can’t do any better than this. Really. The HTC One is a master-class of industrial design, and now it’s equipped with the software to match.



Source: HTC Blog