Microsoft Store: The power of brand recognition

Published on June th, 2013


Microsoft opened it’s doors to the public today in St. Louis Missouri at it’s newest Microsoft Store.  The event will be topped off by a concert featuring Nee-Yo, creating a sort of buzz around the store itself throughout the day.  I went in to see the store, not knowing what to expect, I mean isn’t every retail store a “Microsoft Store”?  Why does the software giant need to have it’s own store like Apple? Isn’t it more convenient to shop online, and get exactly what you want without having to wait in line?  Apparently I’m in the minority in thinking this, because Apple stores are making money hand over fist, being one of the few brick and mortar stores to actually see growth in recent years.  According to Yahoo news, Apple stores are the most profitable stores in the US, beating out Tiffany’s and Lululemon Athletica three-to-one.

The two companies have a lot in common now in terms of hardware platforms, and the stores do look very similar, both sporting a team of polo wearing employees, all with Windows phones, talking up Windows tablets, and pushing the newest operating systems, they could easily be interchangeable.  Specialty stores seem to be the future for tech companies, which is kind of confusing when you consider how often people shop online, but I can honestly say I can’t wait for when I’m able to walk into a Google store!


Source: Yahoo News

By: Mark H.