Preview: Pebble (Smart watch)

Published on June th, 2013




Last year I heard a little about a fancy watch that you could link to your smart phone. I thought it was a dumb idea at the time and made fun of my friend for mentioning it. Since then I’ve had to eat my words as more and more people are getting into the whole wearable technology thing.  As I put in my pre-order for the Pebble smartwatch, I feel like it’s the perfect time to highlight some of it’s coolest features.  Please note this is a complete and total fan-boy preview so don’t expect a lot of negatives to come up.


Pebble, for the people not in the know, is a smart watch that pairs with iOS/Android phones via bluetooth to receive information on apps like email and text messages.  The project was started on Kickstarter  April 2012 and went to May 2012, and raised over ten million dollars from supporters.  There have been some other smart watches that have come up from large companies, but none of them really seem to get what people want in a smart watch.  I feel like it’s relatively simple, first you have a watch, that doesn’t run out of battery every day like my phone does, and go from there. Pebble did that with the e-paper, and I can’t applaud them enough for it.


As for the software available on the Pebble, only time will tell, as more developers get their hands on the hardware we will see more and more innovative apps.


Source: Pebble Site

By: Mark H.